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alt-3.zip14153Secret Operandi: Alternative 0031991
aztec-rc.zip4618The Aztec Recovery - 19481992
blackpjt.zip3674Black Project: Hanger 18 and Hanger 51 information2001
blind_lt.zip3666Three days of blinding light: government will blame ufo's1991-12-24
build.zip21242How to build a flying saucer (from:keelynet)1990-10-16
conspcy.zip31643The ufo conspiracy: government coverup of alien activity1992
cydonia.zip3921The 'message of cydonia' : first contact with ET's1989
eastlake.zip64331988 eastlake sighting by coastguard1993
fate-cry.zip26327Philip Class's 'crybaby' w/letter from Fate magazine1992
intrdr.zip2759Warning against tactics employed in CBS mini-series on ET's1992-05-18
intruder.zip16225Another ufo/government conspiracy: milton cooper speaking out.1992
lear.zip21938The Lear testimony & commentary1987-12-29
lyr-plei.zip13053Lyrian - Pleiadians history and stuff..1992
mars.zip29997The truth about Mars1956
mufonbbs.zip3176National listing of mufon bbs's1993
mufoncas.zip23268Mufon: current abduction cases1993
perp-mot.zip17603Perpetual-motion machines: a history1992
ufobooks.zip11719Listing of ufo related books compiled from library of congress1993